Our Trip To LüDao 綠島

The only 15,1 sqm big Island, also known as Green Island set fire to Laura and my beach-sun-sea fever. Merely 12h later we were sitting in the train heading to the east of Taiwan and we were excited to see all different kinds of butterflies, in our opinion the exotic nature and of course the beaches. Already the train trip was a feast for the eyes: the road took us along the sea side, directing to the south of the country through several coconut and fish plantation and fields of rice.

Looking outside the right window of the train we could the beaches but on the otherside there were rocks piling up. Taiwan is sperated from the mountains into east and west, therefor it’s rather hard crossing Taiwan directly with public transportation. Our road extended for a detour to the south and we reached our stopover Taitung (臺東市) after 3h. From there my probably most thrilling ride began…



The boat we took reminded me more of the inside of a plane then a boat. We took a seat in the first row. This turned out to be major mistake. Yet onshore I was smirking at the plastic bags hanging everywhere, easily to reach from every seat. The smile on my lips disappeared rapidly after the first 200m offshore. I had the impression the boat was stuck in the wrong body and would have preferred being a jet-ski. From one wave to another we sort of did wave-jumping and I had to grab a plastic bag way faster then I liked to. The next  50min I was desperately trying to pass the time as fast as possible by doing some meditation exercises and thinking about the beautiful island. “This ride gotta be so worth it.” I kept thinking.

Fortunately the ride really paid off in many aspects: It was the first time I sat and rode a scooter, enjoyed sunny sunshine as well as heavy rains and the island is proportionally untouched from human hand. The island even provides free bikes for a day, however we couldn’t benefit from this offer since the bikes where all “under repair”, or just not accessible in the off-season. Therefor there was nothing else for it but to rent a (electrical !) scooter. Given that season only starts beginning April we had the road to ourselves and which leads around the island while enjoying our peaceful ride.

Our housing for the weekend.

The lovely view from our room.

We took a bath in one of the worldwide three salt water hot springs, lost our way to the recent jail while looking for the original one (which is actually open for visitors), circled the island with our electronic vehicle and were ever fascinated by the calm and the multifaceted nature. But see for yourself!

View from the little great wall plattform.

The bathing area of the hot springs.

The guayin Tempel which is placed in a cave. Some say that a few religious members come to the Island only to commemorate the goddess of Mercy.

The former prison of the island which was built for political prisoners under Kuomintang.

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