Kenting, yearning for a tropical holiday

Kenting is probably the place to go to satisfy your desire for sun, beaches, blue-turquoise sea and magnificent nature. The region we’ve been to is named after its National Park Kenting and is located in Pingtung.

Thanks to my at that time relaxed schedule Laura and I were able to take the train already on Thursday evening right after class. I haven’t introduced you to Laura from the Netherlands! Same as me, she is an exchange student, studying Management. Since her room is right next to mine it’s rather hard for me avoiding her 😉

Back to the vacation-paradise topic: As we reached Kaoshiung (which is also on my to-do list) we took the bus to Kenting. For 300TWD (about 8€) we could spend the next 2,5h hours in the Bus. One thing which always astonishes me are the big seats (first class german standards) and equipped with USB charging stations and of course (4G!) wifi. Lucky us the bus end station was right next to our hostel, what else could you wish for?

The hostel was quit new, well equipped and except for the bathroom very clean. But regardless how nice an accommodation might be, you never really spend much time there. Therefor we spent the first evening on the night market-boulevard how I would call it since the stands were arranged side by side on a big road. Though there aren’t any major differences to the stands on other night markets I have been to. The only difference you can tell are the for the tourists adapted prices. However we stumbled across a very special stand which sold fried Oreos, Snickers and Twix. This stand turned out to be Lauras favorite. I still don’t get it how you come up with the idea of covering this calorie bomb with a dough and frying it afterwards… But you know me, of course I had a try of this “delicate food” and have to admit that it wasn’t too bad eating melted chocolate with peanuts inside. That’s probably why they had a second stand right on the other side of the road.

On the next day we got ourselves a scooter whereupon we’ve been asked to show our international drivers license. Unfortunatly Laura forgot hers back in Tainan and I don’t own one. But that didn’t seem to be a problem it rather was a standard question were the answer didn’t seem to care anyone. I’d never had to show even my German drivers license and since I didn’t want to leave my ID at this shop the also accepted my insurance card for the deposit.

We spent our first day at the beach and shared a umbrella together with two chinese girls. In the course of small talk they asked us, if we’ve ever been to China. After negating their question we didn’t expect this response from the girls: “Oh, so it’s your first time in China!”.  “In China…” well, I guess the Taiwanese see that kind of differently.

On the next day two friends from university joined our weekend trip. Johanna is a Chinese girls spending a semester in Taiwan like us and Dany is a native Taiwanese and helps us getting to know and understand the Taiwanese culture. Despite visiting the Kenting national park we went to the most southern part of Taiwan. Yet this was rather unspectacular though travel agencys didn’t seem to think so, since they crowded the platform with tourists.

The four of us did a trip on our scooters to the Kenting national park. This park offers a lot of beautiful wildlife, narrow paths and caves you can walk through and meet bats. But just take a look for yourself:

On our last evening we spoiled us with lot’s of delicous food. It is very common to share food in Taiwan and Asia in general. You rather order separately vegetables, fish, rice, meat or noodels. Since we were very hungry we just ordered everything we liked on the menu: fried rice, water spinach, delicate fisch, noodels and beef. Unfortunatly we were too hungry to think about taking a foto of this food fest. But you can use your imagination and think about the food like in the fairy tale “The Wishing Table”.

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